Naturera Polot 1882

One family, one brand, one history.

In 1882 was born Giuseppe Lochis known as “Polot”. At the beginning of the XX century he starts the production of grape must and wine in a small laboratory. Just from the origins passion and devotion are the features of Lochis Family, which works tirelessly to improve its skills and mark unmistakably its products.

The next generation switches the production of wines and grape musts to spirits and sugar based syrups.

Research and evolution continue during the time with the following generations till the fourth, when with the latest step the world of spirits was left. Syrups and fruit based concentrates will be further improved, conveyed by a brand that will turn out to be the keystone for the rising of General Fruit: Naturera.

Polot’s willfulness, honesty, curiosity and faith in the future were been handed down to the generation who has received his legacy, till the present reality of GF.

The heirs paid tribute to his memory with the new line of Naturera products bearing his name.

Polot, 1882
Polot, 1882 (Giuseppe Lochis)